End of the year deadlines? Tips to get things done and still have plenty of time to enjoy the holidays

Dec 1, 2016 2:57:58 PM

Thanksgiving is tucked away behind us, but most of us still have a long to-do list before 2017. Here are some suggestions to ensure you still have time to truly relax and enjoy the end-of-December holidays!


6 tips on how to juggle your tasks without dropping any:

  • Make a detailed calendar for December! Spending 10-20 minutes on your calendar up front, including both work deadlines and personal deadlines like gift ordering, will help you stay focused weeks before things are due. Nothing calms the mind like having a plan.

  • Write your to do list and set reasonably strict goals for yourself for the day, and do it every day. See The Guardian's top to do list apps.

  • Find yourself saying “yes” to everything too often? Don’t get overwhelmed by overbooking your calendar this month. There’s a lot to do with little time, and some nights you need to reserve for yourself.

  • If you’re the boss, keep the ball rolling and lead by example. There’s no better way to keep your employees on task when they know you’re working hard too (without overworking!). Make sure to check in, give praise, and get into the holiday spirit!

  • Continue to eat healthy, stay hydrated, avoid too much caffeine, and make time for exercise in the buildup to the holidays! These things will help you stay positive and productive throughout the day. Plus be honest --have you ever regretted working out?

  • Lend a helping hand. Volunteering your time during the holiday season is a good way to connect with your community and make a difference.

 When you’re on, you’re onand when you’re off, you’re off. Even helping a family member out with a simple task can go a long way.

    While we have been talking about staying focused at work, we also need to touch upon the importance of “unplugging”. It’s okay to take time off, set your vacation responder on and let the emails go unanswered (with the exception of urgent and emergency notifications, of course). Ask yourself that Charlie Brown question “What is the true meaning of insert your holiday of choice here?”

    Enjoy family and friends, and that extra slice of apple pie.

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Denise McIsaac

Written by Denise McIsaac

Denise started with cove's Boston location in April 2016. When she isn't keeping cove members happy, networking with potential partners or updating cove's social media accounts- she'll be found hiking the local mountains, traveling to new cities, or catching the latest music gig in Boston.