The best music to listen to while working

Nov 17, 2015 1:02:12 PM

The best music to listen to in Titanic is My Heart Will Go On.

When the Titanic came out back in 1997, I begged my mom to get me the soundtrack for Christmas. When she asked me if I really just wanted “My Heart Will Go On,” I replied that no, I definitely wanted the soundtrack. After all these years, the truth comes out—I was utterly disappointed when I got what I asked for because the majority of the tracks are instrumental.

I decided to do some research on the soundtrack, as I was really confused why there was no lyrics on the entire CD, except, of course, for the infamous song that I really wanted. I quickly discovered an article that told me my main man Leo said he listened to classical music while studying because it helps him concentrate. And ever since, I've followed in his footsteps. #fangirl

But in all seriousness, science has proven that there are certain types of music that encourage optimal productivity depending on the task at hand. For example, one study found that listening to songs you are ambivalent about could be the best music to listen to while working. Another study even found that the tempo of the music can affect productivity. Some of my favorite Spotify playlists include Productive Morning and Perfect Concentration, as there are no words to distract me.

I asked my colleagues at cove to discover their favorite productivity tunes, and here's what they said...

General playlists for getting things done:
Afternoon groove and Chill house – Sara McAuliffe, DC Location Manager (14th St)
“‘Afternoon Groove’ has a mix of everything I like, new and old, but doesn't distract me from my work. ‘Chill House’ is exactly what it sounds like—chill house music that amps you up and helps you focus!

I Ain't In No Hurry Today – Shane Ryan, DC onsite host
My Spotify baby. This is a shameless plug for my country playlist, but I've always found I am more productive when I listen to country music.

Teen party — Karen Doster, DC city manager
Just a classic in my opinion.

Lupe Fiasco – Adam Segal, founder/CEO
When making presentations!

When we really need to focus:
Rounds by Four Tet – Jeremy Scott, co-founder/CTO

RainyMood – Austin Caldwell, DC onsite host
I find myself most productive listening to the combination of rain + music early in the morning or late at night when I'm really needing to crank something out the most.

Story of My Life – Karen Doster, DC city manager
I actually find that when I really need to concentrate and get stuff done what helps me focus is to listen to one song on repeat. I have a number of spotify playlists that are only one song for exactly this purpose. If I'm working on something at cove chances are this is what I'm doing.

Pop Chillout – Judy Hsu, Boston community coordinator
For someone who does not like tunes that are too slow and mellow, I would try Spotify's 'Pop Chillout' playlist. This playlist is perfect for the mid-afternoon because it contains tunes that are up-beat, with just the right balance of pop and chill, keeping me awake and focused.

Early evenings:
Afternoon Acoustic  – Judy Hsu, Boston community coordinator
This playlist is great during the evenings because it's super calming and has a lot of cool renditions which keep me bopping along to the tunes, while still being able to work productively.

EDM Instrumentals, Soft Trap Beats – Scout O’Beirne, Boston operations lead
Good for early evening focus.

When we’re working those late nights:
Drop the Bass, IDM for Studying – Scout O’Beirne, Boston operations lead
Bumping bass for late nights when I gotta keep my eyes open

Night Rush – Jeremy Scott, co-founder/CTO
If I'm working late at night and need to stay high-energy!

Twrk Volume Five – Scout O’Beirne, Boston operations lead
Cause who doesn't love twrking while they wrk?

What do you find is the best music to listen to while working? Share below! 

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Erin Gifford

Written by Erin Gifford

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