Productive things to do: take breaks.

Sep 1, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Here at cove, we promote a balanced productive lifestyle. And here's a productive thing to do: take breaks. Breaks serve a vital role in one’s levels of productivity and abilities to stay focused—but what should you do during your designated break times? Here are some suggestions for things to do on your time away from work.

Detach from your screen

As tempting as it maybe to scroll through your timeline or catch up on Snapchat stories, it may serve you best to give your eyes the rest they need from being strained by your laptop or mobile screen. Off-screen time gives your eyes a break from excessive light exposure, which can lead to declining vision. Be sure to give your eyes some down time to reset before you continue on with your work.

Take a walk

Walking is an incredibly therapeutic activity. A short walk, even for as little as 10-15 minutes, can greatly increase your level of concentration and help you focus better when you get back to your desk. Researchers at Stanford University even found that taking walks during lunch breaks increases your levels of creativity by 60 percent! Next time you finish your meal early, step outside and explore your surroundings. You never know what you may find or what you may think of next on your walk.

Learn more about how physical activity can increase productivity.


Stretching is an excellent activity that anyone can do. It wakes up the muscles that have been in the same position for long periods of time. Check out some of these quick stretches from

Try a new food spot

Let’s face it, food can either make or break your mood for the day. Make it a goal to try something new on the days where you don’t bring lunch.


You don’t need to be enrolled in a yoga class to reap the benefits of relaxation techniques. This can easily be done by listening to calming music with nature sounds of waterfalls and birds chirping. This sets the tone for your break time getaway. Close your eyes. Try to concentrate on your breathing. Practice creative visualization. After just five minutes of this break time routine, you will have a refreshed mind and a renewed spirit. Doing this a few times a day will also put you on the right track to a less stressful work lifestyle.

Sometimes taking a break can simply mean changing up your workspace. Come check out cove—it's a more productive way of life.
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Akosua Amponsah

Written by Akosua Amponsah

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