Meet Jenna Hornsby and her work on the Abraham Path Initiative

Mar 15, 2016 7:00:00 AM


Jenna Hornsby is a development associate for the Abraham Path Initiative. You’re probably thinking, “Abraham Path? What is that?” Jenna gets that a lot— I clicked into her cove profile, and under ‘What I’m doing at cove’ she writes, “Building a long-distance walking trail across the middle east. Yeah, ask me about it.” And so I did.

The Abraham Path is a long-distance walking trail across the Middle East, spanning over 1000 miles in four countries. The trail is a way to bring cultures together, following the footsteps of Abraham, a legendary ancestor known for his hospitality and kindness.

“It’s wonderfully audacious and kind of ridiculous. Kind of crazy. And attracts quirky optimists for sure,” Jenna said. She is one of two members of the U.S. fundraising team for this initiative, with many of her teammates in Jerusalem and Netherlands.

As the development associate, Jenna focuses on strategy and fundraising, which includes foundations, interacting with retail level donors and major donors, events, corporate partnerships, direct networking, personal outreach, and, of course, hosting cocktail parties to “tap into those rich people,” she says with a laugh.  Aside from the more technical aspects of the job, her job entails traveling a ton, talking to people from all walks of life, and getting people interested about this initiative—the best part of the job.

Prior to working at the Abraham Path Initiative, Jenna studied Arabic, traveled in the Middle East, and ultimately became fascinated with the region. After graduating from McGill University, Jenna traveled to Scotland where she received her Masters of Public Policy degree and was able to witness Scotland’s Independence Referendum. During her time in Europe, she was particularly interested in the Refugee Resettlement policy as Europe was facing huge challenges with Syrian refugees. More specifically, Jenna was interested in working with the youth and addressing the needs of refugee youth. Just over a year ago, Jenna moved to Boston where she began working at the Abraham Path Initiative. Her love for the outdoors, the Middle East, and hiking has helped Jenna find true happiness at the Abraham Path Initiative.

Jenna works remotely, so she “joined cove upon realizing how much money [she’s] been spending on coffee just to park [herself] in a cafe.” Not to mention, she “likes to have an excuse to get dressed” as well.

Jenna is most productive in a place “that I can converse or listen to music, sneeze where I feel like I’m not interrupting someone. Some place that I’m able to go to the bathroom and not feel scared that my laptop is going to get stolen. A comfortable space.”

When asked if she has any productivity secrets, Jenna said “I do all my household things in the morning. I don’t force myself to do work at a time of day where I know I won’t get work done. I’m not a morning person at all, so I’ve accepted that. When I check off ‘x’ amount of things, I get to watch an episode of New Girl.”

Three things she can’t leave home without: 

  • Phone
  • Novel
  • Wool socks (when it’s not Summer)

With that, if you spot someone walking about in wool socks at cove, feel free to chat her up. Chances are, it’s Jenna.

Want to connect with Jenna? Send her a request on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter, or check out her company's website.

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Judy Hsu

Written by Judy Hsu

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