Meet Ben Spear, solo consultant for brand transformation

Jan 5, 2016 9:30:00 AM

 Ben Spear

Ben Spear grew up in Walpole, MA, before deciding to attend Boston University where he studied biology for one year and then changed course to pursue art school. He graduated art school and became a graphic designer for 10 years, a career that brought him closer to his true passion and where he is today.  

Ben realized that he wanted to create things on his own. As a graphic designer, “You don’t author anything. You decorate what other people author already.” And that’s when Ben decided to bring his skills to life. 

Fascinated by the digital revolution, Ben is now a strategy consultant focusing on transformation—specifically brand transformation. Many of his clients are challenged by the digital revolution, and Ben works hard to help organizations work through change and transformation. Often known as a “notoriously holistic thinker,” Ben believes that “the thing that must not be working must be from the core.” He helps daring innovators succeed by transforming ideas into brands.

Like many cove members, Ben has an extremely entrepreneurial mind. In 2008, Ben became fascinated by the coworking experience and decided to start his own coworking space. Ben and a couple of his friends were either working from home or for themselves, so they decided to get together, work from a 600 square-foot garage, and call it a day. It lasted for three years, and his fascination for the coworking industry continue to this day forward.

“The coworking industry is a rapidly maturing market. It is the future of real estate. The ‘one business per space’ is now an old model. That’s what I love about coworking. You work alongside people, and you can learn a lot. You’re exposed to random stuff all the time.”

Ben organizes his day differently, now that he has cove. In the mornings, Ben works from home and that’s when he does his writing, ideation, and of course “sit and stare out at the window and think about who I haven’t connected with in a while, and connect with them.” He tends to do many of his more intensive calls in the morning before going out for a quick lunch break in his neighborhood, Jamaica Plain—also his favorite neighborhood!

Before heading to cove, he makes sure that he doesn’t leave home without these three things:

  • Burt's bees lip balm
  • Water bottle
  • Headphones (Ben needs his music)

At around 1pm, he comes into cove and gets ready for an afternoon of productive until around 5pm. This is Ben’s busywork time. 

“When you do grunt work, doing it at home is very depressing. I can get through the grunt work at cove because there are things constantly around me. It keeps it interesting.”

We've all heard the popular productivity tips and secrets: “Do work for one hour, and then take a break!” “Listen to music, it works the best.” Or even “Treat yourself afterwards with a reward!” Ben has one of the greatest productivity tips: “Choose work that you are most passionate about, and all productivity will happen. You won’t feel like you’re being made to work. Everything just flows.”  

His favorite productivity tool? Slack. Upon accepting a project, he makes sure that the client can or is willing to use slack, otherwise he “won’t do a project with anyone unless they use Slack.”

In his free time, Ben loves watching movies. Especially when it’s science-fiction. You could say that his interest in the future and transformation is directly tied to his love for science-fiction films. So, if you’re into movies, and you’re into sci-fi, you know who to chat with!

Want to connect with Ben? Email him at or follow him on Twitter at @benjaminspear. You can also check out his website at

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Judy Hsu

Written by Judy Hsu

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