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Nov 24, 2015 7:00:00 AM

A sleeker interface. Faster load times. Search for fellow members. And more. That’s right, folks, it’s here! Version 2.2.1 of cove's app is now available on the App Store and Google Play. This latest release introduces several much-anticipated features. Here's a comprehensive look at what to expect.

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One of our most-requested features is the ability to search for other members. Now you can easily find anyone (who wants to be found) by name, occupation, or organization. You'll be able to connect with someone you met at a cove event or sat next to last time you were at cove. You can discover writers when you need copy for your latest blog, designers and developers for your new website, or lawyers when, well, life throws you a curveball.

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The redesigned ‘people page’ lets you search, view member spotlights (more on that in a sec), and see who's currently checked in at your neighborhood productive space. Once you've found the person you're looking for, check out his/her [newly revamped] profile page to connect or send a message.

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Connections are a new addition that allow you to easily access people you know—or want to know! Your connections will show up first in search results, on the list of members on location, and in the 'Who's going?' section of event RSVP pages. Once you’re connected with other users, you’ll see a gray checkmark on their avatar photos.

You can invite any public cove member to connect with you through the '+' button on the profile screen. Incoming invitations to connect and your list of connections are both located within the 'Connections' tab of your inbox.

 app connections screenshot


And finally...chat! We're proud to announce we have added a chat feature to the app and website so you can easily message other members from your account. Not up for the travail of in-person interaction? Engage with cove's membership in DC and Boston through text instead.

In the app, pull open the left side menu and hit the 'Inbox' option to access your conversations and connections. When you view another user’s profile, you’ll be able to compose a new message to him or her by tapping the 'Message' button.

You can chat with connections and non-connections alike, but once you've connected with someone, you'll be able to message them easily by from your inbox by using the composition button in the corner.

 app messaging screenshot

Member spotlights

cove's community is an impressively diverse and inspiring bunch, and we want to acknowledge that. Several cove locations now showcase members' accomplishments onsite, including their work in and outside of cove and topics they’d like to chat about. Smaller versions of these spotlights now appear on the updated ‘people pages’ of the app as well.

Not everyone wants to be recognized of course, and the spotlight program is an opt-in feature. If you are interested, you can update your spotlight preference on your profile or settings pages, and someone from cove will be in touch. You can also reach out to our community team at katie@cove.is (DC) or judy@cove.is (Boston) to find out more.


Updated settings

Introducing search and social features means introducing greater opportunities for discovery and interaction. We're sensitive to the fact that not everybody wants to participate in these new channels of communication, and we've reorganized the settings page to ensure that you have complete control over who can find and contact you, when, and how.

app settings screenshot

Previously, your only options were to have a private or public profile. We've made privacy settings more nuanced in a couple ways:

  1. You get to choose to disclose when you're at a cove location to all cove members, only your connections, or no one.
  2. You control whether you show up in search results and whether your profile is eligible for member spotlighting. By default, your location and search statuses are both public, while spotlighting is never automatically activated.
  3. Don't want to receive push notifications when someone messages you or invites you to connect? Don't worry—you can configure that via the settings page, too.

Questions? Feedback? We'd love to hear how we can improve your cove experience. Email us at cove@cove.is or tweet to us at @coveHQ.

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Aurora Nou

Written by Aurora Nou

Aurora has been a developer on cove's tech team since April 2015, where she works on (and breaks) the app and website. She lives in coffee shops, used bookstores, and on the internet.