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Oct 6, 2015 1:53:21 PM

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Just over two years ago on September 17, 2013, cove opened the doors to its first location in DC, and our first member walked through those doors. And here we are, just over two years later, with eight locations in DC and one in Boston, with a second on the way. Let’s face it—no one likes to work, but everyone likes to be productive, especially surrounded by others focused on getting things done. That’s why we’re bringing cove-style productive to more and more people every day.

Yep, we said it. Productive. A word commonly used as an adjective but used here as a noun.

If you’ve ever glanced at our website, social media, an email, or visited one of our locations, you’ll see we use this grammatically incorrect version of ‘productivity’ on the regular.

Get your productive on.
More productive this way.
Define your productive.

It may make you cringe at first sight, but bear with us. I mean, who ever did anything spectacular by coloring within the lines? We like to think of ‘productive’ as a term for each individual to own and define. It means something a little different to everyone. It can include work, a side project, reading the newspaper, making your grocery list for the evening, or taking time out of your busy day to call your best friend. We will leave it to you to determine its meaning.

And that meaning—that definition—is precisely what we want to discover and discuss here. Our goals are to find the best tools and techniques that make us more productive. For example, what are the best organizational apps out there? What kind of music should we listen to while writing a report or designing a logo? Does caffeine really hurt or help our concentration?

We want to hear from experts on better ways to effectively manage our time and get more done. How do we power through procrastination? How do we leverage our creativity when we’re tired?

And lastly, we want to learn how our community defines our productive and about the cool things you’re working on. We are made up of diverse, unique, and empowered individuals who are doing incredible things. We want to know all about it.

We hope this blog will be enlightening, entertaining, and educational, and we invite you to explore what it means to be productive along with us. 

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Erin Gifford

Written by Erin Gifford

Erin started with cove in January 2014 and has been enjoying the adventure ever since. Outside of her role as marketing director with cove, she loves the performing arts, memoirs, and UNC.