Katie Kaufman

Katie joined cove's team in August 2014 as the DC community lead. When not chatting with cove's awesome members, she loves cooking, traveling, and hiking with her pup.

Recent Posts

Meet Noah Willam, a freelance editorial and commercial photographer

By Katie Kaufman on Jan 19, 2016 3:03:48 PM

At sixteen, Noah Willam started playing around with a camera his dad brought home and joined his high school yearbook staff. Nine years and three continents later, Noah has worked as a pizza delivery man, spent time on a commercial spearfishing boat, ran a helicopter surf company (yes, it’s a thing!), and photographed people from countries around the world.

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Meet Emily Goldman, a freelancer for human rights & climate change

By Katie Kaufman on Oct 20, 2015 11:08:49 AM

Need to get over your procrastination and get down to work? Emily Goldman, a freelancer focusing on human rights, indigenous rights, and climate change, says just don't procrastinate.

"I don't really procrastinate,” she said. “I know if I put off that project I don't want to do, it's just going to be sitting there waiting for me in the end.”

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