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Aug 4, 2016 7:30:00 AM


We have just passed the halfway mark for 2016. My, how times flies! As July says goodbye, say hello to the end of summer in August. Many of us will either start school, return to school, or begin a new quarter for work. We all began 2016 with goals that we planned to achieve by this time—yet here we are wondering how we can get everything done in these last five months. Well, fear not! We have reviewed a few resources you can use to make all of your productivity dreams come true. Here are five apps that will keep you on top of your daily tasks and keep you on track with your goals:

1. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

Brain Focus is an excellent tool to train yourself to stay focused and be consistent. It is the ultimate time management app, with a simple design that allows every user to dive right into their tasks without struggling to figure out how the app works. A few of our favorite Brain Focus features include setting intervals for work and breaks on a timely schedule, presetting tasks before you begin or as you go along, and a statistics section that allows you to see how many minutes and hours you’ve worked over a course of time. Your records are displayed in a chart format to give you a visual of how much you have improved overtime. Brain Focus users can easily personalize their experience with adjustable break and task times. The app suggests 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of breaks for optimal focus and productivity. You can adjust your work time based on your task, but whatever you do, just don’t deprive yourself of a break!

2. Time Tune

We all underestimate the amount of time we need to get something done because we are not quite sure what to expect before starting a task. Time Tune is here to help you discover your work habits and to schedule your productivity to be more consistent. Time Tune is the perfect app for people who thrive in routines in order to minimize surprises throughout the day. The app makes it easier to plan your assignments and tasks more realistically over time. One cool feature that Time Tune has are tags—tags allow you to categorize your tasks with keywords like “commuting”, “relationship”, “studying”, or “training,” and share with the Time Tune community. This is a great way to inform people of your daily activities without posting it on your personal social media account. Once you enter the app, get ready to fine tune your time to fit your lifestyle and create new productive habits.

3. Planner Pro

If you are motivated by seeing your life activities and responsibilities neatly organized on a calendar view in your planner, then this is just the app for you. Planner Pro is a great alternative to carrying your planner around throughout the day. You get the same benefits and ideals on a virtual platform. Upon opening the app you will be asked to either create a new account or sync any of your already existing calendars. The “Tasks” section compiles all of your projects and assignments that are due based on information from your calendar. It also shows you how many tasks you have completed versus how many you planned for each calendar day.

4. Schedule Planner Classic

The name of this app says it all. Those who find themselves on a tight and rigid schedule will benefit most from Schedule Planner Classic. It guides you through planning your schedule in a way that challenges you to meet your goals. The interface’s ability to map out your goals against what you have achieved is what makes this app so unique from the rest. The app has chart capabilities for you to see your progress on achieving your planned tasks. Want your information on the go? You can even export files from the app! Send your files in PDF form, csv, email, or even print your documents directly. It’s like having your email, task progress, and calendar all in one place. The app even tracks the average time it takes to complete a task. This is great for those who love to procrastinate but still want to be realistic with their upcoming due dates.

5. Any.do

Last but certainly not the least is Any.do. Any.do is the app that will keep you sane in the midst of all your other work and projects. Any.do’s app keeps things simple, classy, and straight to the point. The first thing you will see when you open this app is a welcome message with a blue plus sign. Once you tap on this plus sign, simply add your tasks. As you are typing in your task, the app basically reads your mind to complete your sentence by making your note more specific. This is an excellent edge that the rest of the productivity tools on our list lack. Once your note is completed, four icons will appear below asking whether the task should be saved for today, tomorrow, next week, or a customized time in the future. When you select which time you prefer, your options expand and become more specific. After you specify the characteristics of your tasks, it is listed on the homepage for you to see every time you open the app until the task is completed. Any.do has encouraging messages that help you get through your tasks every step of the way. It’s almost like having a virtual personal assistant that knows you better then you know yourself. 

Now that you have five resourceful tools to help you get productive and finish this year off with a bang. Remember to list out your responsibilities in the way that fits your lifestyle best, take breaks, and check in on your progress through these apps. It will motivate you towards a successful and productive last half of the year!

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Akosua Amponsah

Written by Akosua Amponsah

Akosua has been an onsite host at cove since April 2016. She is currently getting her masters in Contemporary Communications. When she's not writing papers for school or hosting at cove, she loves to travel and watch HGTV.